VJ Torna is a Vjing contest which offers both live video practitioners and the general audience an inspiring and entertaining experience. The first Cinetrip VJ Torna was organised in 2004 in Budapest, Hungary with the aim of gathering and inspiring video artists from the local and international VJ scene.

The success of the event has been confirmed by the recent collaborations born worldwide; in 2011 VJ Torna will be landing in Bogotá (Colombia), Sao Paulo (Brasil), Rome (Italy) and Minsk (Belarus).

In fact in May 2011 the joint efforts of VJ Torna and LPM crews will contribute to a unique event: two days of high-standard video technologies, breathtaking duels among international VJs and a selected jury who will award the best LIVE VIDEO artist. VJs will invade the stage armed with heavy visual gear to assault your eyes!

During the closing ceremony the jury, which includes Gianluca Del Gobbo (FLxER), László L. Laki (Cinetrip, VJ Torna), Andrea Sztojánovits (Skylab) will award three prizes for the Pre-Production, Vj Champion and Vj Battle Champion categories, while an Audience Award will be given out by the public attending the event.

Rules & Regulations

There are 3 tournament categories you can choose to enter. There is a separate entry form for the workshops which take place on different days of LPM.

The jury consists of 5 industry professionals and/or visual aesthetics masters.

Elimination process:
Competitors are judged differently in the two live categories as described below.

In VJ Champion, competitors are judged by a given score between 1 to 10 points for their performances. Everyone has an exact amount of time during each rounds to impress the jury and receive the highest score possible. At the end of the qualifying matches, scores will be summed up and 4 of the competitors with the highest scores will be chosen to enter the semi-final and the final rounds. These two rounds are performed as a common elimination race (head-to-head battles with simoltaneus  performances of two opponents) until only one stands who is the winner.

In VJ Battle category, all rounds are judged in an elimination race: two opponents perform simultaneusly and only one of them, the winner can step further in the tournament rounds...

Now let’s see the categories.

Competition Categories

1. Pre-Production

For this category, you don’t need to be physically present at the festival location, just submit your audio-visual creation to the competition.

Lenght: 12 mins

We are expecting individuals or groups, who submit their 10-15 minutes videos to the festival.
For entering this category, you should fill the application form located on our website.

We only accept submission as Vimeo video links (simply register, upload, and send us the link) that will be streamed on our website/blog plus remember, you should also submit your video as a Yousendit file that we will be able to show on the festival itself. Only Pal system, broadcast quality please!

The festival organisers will notify everyone about the results of the pre-selection process by 12th May via vjtorna[at]

2. VJ Champion

If you desire to win the title of the VJ Champion, bring your own gadgets and perform live! You are allowed to bring your own music (on cd/pendrive) or just ask the DJ to play your favourites!

We are expecting individuals or groups of maximum 2 people, who present their show in 6 minutes, absolutely live, in front of the audience and the festival jury.  The semi-finals and finals will be held on the last day of the festival!

For entering this category, you should fill the application form located on the LPM website.

3. VJ Battle Champion

The challenge of VJ Battle Champion is awaiting the hard-core technical wizards, who volunteer to receive the raw material 30 minutes before the show, and will perform live using these loops to music randomly selected by the organisers.

We would welcome groups of maximum 2 people or individuals who display their creativity and technical skills in a 6 minute live battle in front of the festival audience and the jury.  The semi-finals and finals will be held after the first round of judging on the last day of the festival.

For entering this category, you should fill the application form located on the LPM website.


Vj Torna International has a new category in 2012: best live mapper!

In this category we're looking for applications from those who would like to make out or indoor show.!

The length of the show is 5 minutes per applicant and is required to be performed live with the music. We send the blueprint 30 days before the meeting.

Tournament schedule

The tournament qulaifications and semi-finals for both live categories (VJ Champion and VJ Battle Chapion) will be done between 19-20th May  from 16:00 to  21:00 each day.

We'd like to ask everyone being involved to strictly adhere to the Rules & Regulations and to the exact tournament timing because we have an extra amount of participants this year to squeeze into 2,5 days!

Finals & Awarding ceremony

The final rounds of both live categories will be held on the last day of LPM, on Sunday,  22nd May from 16:00 onwards. The awarding is just after the finals, so we'd suggest everyone being interested and involved to stay and join us with the winning euforia!


We have the mystic number, exactly like 9 lives of a cat to keep in mind. You shall learn them, and be able to recite if asked to do so.

  1. Stay on top of the festival programme because you shall be well prepared and have all equipment set-up 15 minutes before your turn at any stage of the competitions!
  2. You can strip your clothes during your performance but that won’t affect the decision of the jury at all.
  3. No video or voice recording of the master video line is permitted!
  4. Every effort should be made to ensure that competition entries are correctly submitted.
  5. Please wash your hands and always be aware of the instructions given by the contest coordinator (you’ll got to know him at registration).
  6. If you want a specific music or musical genre to be played during your set, please make a note in your application and bring a CD or pendrive with you to the event that you should give to the tournament organisers. Otherwise we’ll play whatever we have the mood for…
  7. No direct pornography, insult to different groups of people or portrayal of flying cows allowed.
  8. Love your neighbor VJs.
  9. And remember, always bring your converter, VGA or S-Video cables, electrical outlet adapters and your laptop power adapter with you!