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Rome: Results for Pre-Production

Eletroiman (BR)After a much suspension (like we were the cousins of the great Alfred Hitchcock), we managed to browse all incoming contents and gathered the given scores from all the jury members. Here are the thrilling results of VJ Torna Rome, Pre-Production category:

Pre Production video previews

Eletroiman (Brasil, Spain):

Representa Corisco 2011 from Ricardo Cançado on Vimeo.

Vanessa Varusci aka Varu Vanaido (Italy):

Results of VJ Torna Rome 2011

We're just after our biggest VJ Torna ever, organised in Rome as a joint action with Live Performers Meeting.

Lovely contest, creative minds, loads of friends, tangled web of new networks, colliding point of views, tons of food, aching heels, 56 contestants, convenient cinema building, 3 stores and 125 stairs, 18 hours spreading over 3 days of tireless contest, nice prizes.


Torna Roma: Scores and Next Steps

We are marching towards the final stage of VJ Torna Rome 2011 with great enthusiasm. Loads of VJ performances are behind us after two days of non-stop eyeball popping exercises and battles. And we still have one day to go! Down below you’ll see the current results of the stages we have passed until Friday (scores and stuff) and the timing plan for Sunday.

Eventually the jury is consists of four industry pros: Claudio Musso, Lorenzo Taiuti, Laki L. László  and Andrea Sztojánovits (VJ Nano).

Rome to get started

Finally, we are minus 1 day ahead of our second international event, VJ Torna Rome 2011!

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